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An alpine coaster is more than an ordinary amusement ride. Our article explains why exactly it’s such a special attraction and what makes it different from a regular coaster. Be sure to check it out!

     An alpine coaster, also known as mountain coaster, is a fairly new amusement ride that you will definitely love as the thrill it gives you is really incredible. The most important thing you need to know about this particular attraction is that it is perfectly safe. In fact, it is much safer than its predecessor, an alpine slide, especially considering the most advanced technology used to reduce the risk of accidents.

     Safety and thrill aren’t the only benefits of this particular ride. If you are still in doubt about exploring our amazing alpine coaster, the following 5 facts are sure to persuade you that it will be a great pastime for your whole family:

  1. It works all year round.
    You heard that right. Regardless of the weather outside, the alpine coaster in Pigeon Forge will give you a ride to remember. The thrill of sliding at speed under the rain is impossible to describe. The knowledge that you will be perfectly safe while doing this is sure to make the experience much more pleasant and memorable.
  2. You are the one in control of your speed.
    If you want to enjoy the view instead of getting an extra boost of adrenaline, you can do this with tweaking the controls of the bob. An alpine coaster allows you to control the speed of the ride, so you are sure to be 100% comfortable. This function comes in handy when you take small children with you to enjoy the adventure. The little ones might be too young for breakneck speeds. Frequent rides on an alpine coaster, with a gradual increase in speed, are sure to guarantee that your kids grow up fearless and come to appreciate the adrenaline pumping through their veins.
  3. Alpine coasters are noiseless and eco-friendly.
    There are quite a few people out there who avoid amusement rides because of the headache induced by their noise as well as those who dislike such attractions due to the fact that they pollute our planet. If you fall into either or both of these categories, an alpine coaster is a ride you will be able to enjoy. First of all, it is as quiet as it can possibly be, considering the fact that it includes are steel rails and wheels. However, with the wind singing in your ears and your heart full of wonder and thrill, you will barely notice the minimum noise the attraction makes.
    As to the effect of the ride on the eco-system, alpine coasters don’t add any pollution to the atmosphere as they are run by gravity.
  4. It’s great for kids.
    An alpine coaster is a family ride first and foremost. Children over 38 inches and 3 years of age are allowed on the attraction if they are accompanied by an adult, so your whole family can enjoy the thrill of the ride during a bonding weekend.
  5. The view is breathtaking.
    There are quite a few alpine coasters in the world, so what makes the one in Pigeon Forge so special? Of course, it’s the magnificent view of the Great Smoky Mountains. The layout of the track was designed in a way to make sure you get to see the most fabulous landscapes during the ride.


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