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To enjoy your experience of a thrilling alpine ride, you need to be sure of your safety. We offer much more than an awesome ride. Learn more information about unique safety features including the most innovative anti-collision system.

    A ride on an alpine coaster is the experience you will undoubtedly enjoy. There are no age and gender boundaries here as everyone can have fun on this ride. There are, however, some safety requirements that need to be observed in order to ensure that your joyful experience doesn’t turn sour because of an injury. Our alpine coaster is proud of its unique features that make it one of the safest in the world.

    What makes this particular attraction stand out among the many others that Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have to offer is a distance control system. Do note that this feature is unique for this ride, so there is no other coaster in the country like this one. A great number of injuries on these attractions occurred due to the fact that the riders collided with each other. This safety measure prevents this kind of accidents completely.

How Distance Control System Works

   To make it easier for you to put your trust in this safety feature, you will need to understand how it works exactly. When you possess this information, it will be easy for you to see that your life really is in no danger when you step onto this ride. Therefore, you will be able to relax and fully enjoy the experience.

   The distance control system installed at our alpine coaster is based on the eddy principle. There is a certain distance limit set in its programming (80 ft). When one of the bobs approaches another one past this limit, an independent braking system kicks in and slows the bob down to prevent the collision. This very system is also used as the end of track brake and it prevents bobs from moving faster than 30 mph. This is more than enough even for the most devoted speed-junkies for this kind of attraction. Going any faster really is too much of a risk, and it would be a shame to end up your fun outing in a hospital.

   The technology used in the distance control system of our Pigeon Forge coaster is top notch. It is not susceptible to wear and can work in any weather. Those who want to increase the thrill of the ride will definitely like using it in the rain or even in winter. The coaster is maintained in premium condition and works perfectly regardless of the weather and season. Therefore, no natural factors will interfere with your fun.

 The coaster is 100% family-friendly. The youngest riders accepted are those above three years of age. The only things you do need to be worried about are height requirements. Alas, these limitations are unavoidable as the safety features of the coaster provide definite results only when these requirements are met. The person controlling the slide has to be 54 inches tall at the very least, while the smallest passenger must be over 38 inches.

coaster-distance-controlThe distance control system, which boosts the safety level of the ride, activates only when the prescribed minimum distance is not adhered to. Should you keep the required distance, the automatic breaks won’t need to come into play.

The Coaster at Goats on the Roof

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